Alligator Teeth® Spike Barrier

Alligator Teeth® Spike Barrier/30 Speed Performance

For traffic security control even against HGV and trucks

  • For container bases and bonded warehouses
  • Military sites and airports
  • Industrial estates
  • To increase security, with rising arm barriers
  • To close short cut access (Rat run) at Park and Ride car parks

The Spike Barrier Option has 16mm sharpened ends which will deflate HGV tyres when crossed in the prohibited direction.

The Speed Performance Option has a shock absorber to allow increased speeds up to 25-30mph. This is necessary at site entrances where it is impossible to enforce vehicle speeds of 10mph and where traffic calming ramps are not suitable for the site.

Faster speed performance allows constant traffic movement and, because of the increased security with spike ends, negates the need for raising arm barriers and lowering bollards which are costly to install and maintain. Maintenance of ALLIGATOR TEETH®/30/Spike ends is a low tech service.

Alligator teeth spike barrier


alligator illustration